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TWS Siren Series

This TWS-SIREN SERIES is the market leading high power voice and siren system. Its design and construction provides superior audio quality, combined with the highest output to power consumption ratio.
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Emergency Management System

The GiantVoice® Emergency Management System (GV-EMS) is a comprehensive and flexible Emergency System providing easy understandable information that enables the user to make the right decisions and react within seconds.
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HSS Black Box Solution

The HSS Black Box solution is design for quick warning during an emergency in indoor or outdoor facilities.

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Distributed Communication Network

Giant Voice® Distributed Communication Network (GV-DCN) is developed to meet the customer’s need for precise and accurate information when vital decisions must be made.

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Deployable Systems

The Giant Voice® Deployable Unit is a flexible alternative for temporary warning installation designed to meet your requirements, even in harsh environments.

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