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Support and Maintenance Services

HSS Engineering’s on site Support & Maintenance Program can provide both Reactive (Emergency Support) Services and Proactive (Preventative Maintenance) Services.

When paired the Reactive and proactive services minimize the possibility of equipment failure by routine servicing, fault detection and system optimization plus ensure that if a piece of equipment should fail, HSS Engineering takes responsibility for the full repair within an agreed maximum time scale.

During our standard Preventative Maintenance program, in addition to the standard maintenance, we also examine all consumables and possible failure prone parts of the system and report on their condition. Rectification can then be made avoiding a potentially costly and disruptive system failure.

All goals for our on site Support & Maintenance Service program can be set according to the specific customer needs. As such, we currently run service programs ranging from on-call service for hardware repair to full-time deployed engineers in war zones.

There is no service program that we cannot handle.

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