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We develop, manufacture, deliver and maintain tailored warning solutions
for all Industries, Public Warning and Defense.

Our core benefits:

The team behind HSS Engineering has more than 40 years experience in Public Address/General Alarm (PAGA) and Mass Notification Systems. Which can be implemmented indoor and outdoor warning at Military, Industrial, Petrochemical and Nuclear Facilities as well as National Civil Defence Systems.

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Your No. 1 Partner.

As one of the World Leaders in Mass Notification Systems, we know that the origin of a good system design comes from proper planning.

The interaction of hardware and software can be complex and requires a good dialogue between the customer and our engineers. In many cases, local standards also affect the best solution for the customer’s Warning System.

Quality Policy 

The success criteria of HSS Engineering is to understand the customers needs – this means to know why the operator wants to push the button of the mass notification system. We want to help the operator get people to perform the correct action.As the systems and solutions we are providing are meant to save human lives, it is vital that they work – every time!

We therefore take great pride in:

1) Understanding the customers desires and requirements – and develop a solution that provides that functionality.

2) Helping the customer install and maintain the systems – wherever he lives!

3) Staying on-site until the promised solution works!

4) Delivering the best system with highest Meantime Between Failure (MTBF)

5) Get feedback from our clients on the system functionality and wishes for a future expansion.

6) The aim with our quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001, it is to work with our employees to continuously improve our business processes and in the end create value for our customers.

Solution Oriented.

Our extensive work has challenged our engineers to seek the best technical solutions to a variety of systems. This is why HSS Engineering currently has an unmatched reputation of providing the best Warning System Solutions to customers in a global context and with a local perspective.

Our service team follow every step of the procedure to ensure the customer gets the right solution while providing the highest quality.

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