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The HSS Engineering new headquarters stands by the beautiful natural area of the Engsoe (meadow lake), where the highway embraces the northern part of Aarhus.

At HSS Engineering, we are not afraid to think big, explore new horizons and move forward. As a natural consequence of more than 98% of our total revenue going to exports, ever-increasing market shares and international recognition, we had simply outgrown our former premises and needed a new home.

While there are many beautiful and exciting places to choose from around the world, HSS Engineering new headquarters is located in Aarhus, which is the perfect location for an innovative company like ours. We take immense pride in contributing to the development of this great city, which is known for its many innovative, high-end and reliable businesses, as well as, the many systems and services that they offer. These values and offerings perfectly match those of HSS Engineering

In our new 1,780-m2 building, we not only have room for developing big ideas but space to grow, and it is more than production that is expanding. In recent years, digital possibilities within mass notification and warning solutions have opened up new opportunities for both our company and our clients.

‘When we saw the plot of land in Lystrup at Aarhus, we soon realized that it was not only an opportunity for the ideal location for us but also a very good business deal on the site, and we quickly purchased it in 2017’

Christian Secher, COO

The CEO at the frontline

Hans Secher, CEO and founder of HSS Engineering, has been deeply involved in creating the ideal working environment in our new location. His vast experience and knowledge of how production and development can be streamlined to form an optimal workflow has been translated into innovative solutions for how the employees at HSS Engineering work and interact.

The 756-moffice space features an open yet separate space, which creates a dynamic, team-oriented work environment.

A constant search for talent

As HSS Engineering continues to grow, so does our need to bring on talented professionals with the right mindset, passion, and agility for developing new and innovative solutions.

Hence, HSS Engineering’s new headquarters will not only provide the physical space to continue our growth and develop big and innovative ideas but provides a new address and professional ‘home’, in Aarhus, where great minds with great ideas can come together to build the future.

Aarhus is the perfect location for an innovative company like ours

– Hans Secher

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