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Factory Acceptance Test

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is conducted to determine and document that the system hardware and software operates according to the customer’s specifications. The FAT covers equipment functionality, communications interface compatibility, fault management and verification of all Public Address / General Alarm (PA/GA) components.

We at HSS Engineering consider this testing to be an important milestone in the system delivery process. It is particularly important as the functionality of our systems ultimately is to keep people alive.

FAT will allow you to not only compare the system configuration according to drawings and documentation, it also allows you to test your equipment, review its complete operation so that it fully meets your requirements.  Changes can be identified and incorporated more easily at this stage than after the system has been deployed and installed.

To ensure that all aspects are taken into consideration prior to the FAT, a plan is laid out between the HSS Engineering Project Manager and the customer to precisely define the system expectations, set a schedule and engage and commit all team members.

This effort will be supported by providing the test equipment and knowledge necessary to provide the customer with the assurance that each component has been thoroughly tested and verified.

We ensure your system meets all requirements

  • COMPARE the system configuration according to drawings and documentation 100% 100%
  • TEST of equipment 100% 100%
  • REVIEW its complete operation 100% 100%


Tested and verified

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