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Deployable Mobile Sirens to Warn of Mount Agung Eruption

Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) installed TWS deployable mobile sirens around the dangerous zone radius of Mount Agung in Karangasem regency, Bali. It is to provide an early warning alert solution system to the communities near the volcanic mountain to anticipate its eruption.

The deployable sirens are deployed in several places:  Selat police station, Rendang police station, Tianyar police station, Kubu police, Karangasem military base, as well Abang military base, all around theMount Aging, the deployable sirens will be operated manually, so been activated and expanding the warn to all the bases. 

The TWS deployble mobile sirens unit will be operated by the siren operators after getting orders from officers at the Tanah Ampo main post in Karangasem. The post is connected to the Mount Agung observation post which provides information on the danger of eruption. 

The communication is done with radio communications (HT) and mobile phones. In order to connect all communication networks between siren operators, post, and Mount Agung observation post, BNPB has installed several repeaters and rigs for radio communications connecting the deployble mobile sirens.

The installation of the sirens is to give people a warning of the eruption, their function is not to detect when a volcano will erupt but to give signs of danger, for population to prepare soon as possible to protect from the damages the volcano can cause. 

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Siren installation in Mount Agung.


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