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TWSBATT 100-12

TWSBATT 100-12
The TWSBATT 100-12 is a 12V valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery for the TWS 290 Public Warning System.

Technical data

Nominal voltage 12V
Nominal capacity (10HR) 100AH
Weight Approx 28.5 kg (62.8lbs)
Terminal T11
Container material ABS
Rated capacity 100.0 AH/10.0A (10hr, 1.80V/cell, 25°C/77°F)
Max. discharge current  1200 A (5s)
Internal resistance Aprox 4.8mΩ
Temp. range Standard operating: -15~50°C (5~122°F)
When paired with our temp. compensating charger TWS-BATTCH:
Extended Operating: -35~60°C (-31~140°F)
Cycle use Initial Charging Current less than 30.0A. Voltage
14.4V~14.0V at 25°C (77°F) Temp. Coefficient -30mV/°C
Standby use No limit on Initial Charging Current Voltage
13.5V~13.8V at 25°C (77°F) Temp. Coefficient -20mV/°C
Capacity affected by temperature 40°C (104°F) 103%
25°C (77°F) 100%
0°C (32°F) 86%
Self discharge TWSBATT 100-12 batterys may be stored for up to 6 months at 25°C(77°F) before a recharge is required. For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.


Length: 330 mm (12.99”)
Width: 173 mm (6.81”)
Container height: 212 mm (8.35”)
Total height: 220 mm (8.66”)

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