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Giant Voice Core RTU

Giant Voice® Core RTU
The Giant Voice® Core Remote Terminal Unit serves as the control unit of a GV-DCN system and is normally installed at the location of the system operator.
It connects the GV-MIC microphone and touch screen directly to the Giant Voice® Distributed Communication Network (GV-DCN). In this way system operator screens and microphone can be mounted away from the central rack. All components are chosen to ensure the highest reliablity reducing maintenance to a minimum.

Its construction is designed for rear screen mounting using VESA or desktop mount making installation along with other products in the Giant Voice® products family a straight forward procedure.

In order to comply with the lowest possible back-up power requirements has the compact designed to optimise to reduce power consumption to a minimum.
The external power supply supports dual voltage 115/230 VAC power that ensures versatile installation options without mains power concern.



Height: 62 mm
Width: 192 mm
Depth: 210 mm
Weight: 1,9 kg

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