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TWS Siren Series

This TWS-SIREN SERIES is the market leading high power voice and siren system. Its design and construction provides superior audio quality, combined with the highest output to power consumption ratio.

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Emergency Management System

The GiantVoice® Emergency Management System (GV-EMS) is a comprehensive and flexible Emergency System providing easy understandable information that enables the user to make the right decisions and react within seconds.

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Distributed Communication Network

Giant Voice® Distributed Communication Network (GV-DCN) is developed to meet the customer’s need for precise and accurate information when vital decisions must be made.

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Deployable Systems

The Giant Voice® Deployable Unit is a flexible alternative for temporary warning installation designed to meet your requirements, even in harsh environments.

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Looking for specific solutions?

At HSS Engineering, we have a saying: “One size fits no one”. That is why we make tailored solutions to ensure  everything works optimally for the intended purpose.

The right systems, people and our extensive experience are our foundation for building the right solutions for international industry standards, public and military sectors around the world.

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